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In day to day life of modern era. We often get indulged in various problems that hamper career growth.

  • From facing overload of work to get favoritism in the team.
  • To get a better hike in the salary to switch your job.

To sort out each issue we need a well thought out strategy. As it even make us frustrated. I will let you know some of the Job and Career Problem that we usually face:

Job Change:

  • While looking for a job change we must have to have a genuine reason for the same.
  • You must have to keep in mind that getting a pay hike is not enough for it.
  • Also if you are not learning something with each day. Then your work becomes boring. Even your potential remains unused. It compresses your career growth.
Work overload:

It is actually an important factor in Job and Career Problem. As while doing work at a workplace. We often have to face lot of workload. As a professional we need to manage time and do planning of the work. It will help in maintaining a work life balance.

Pay cut post appraisal:

It is the major issue in the private and public sector. But you do not have to panic. Even besides quitting you must discuss this issue with your manager. You will get to know the real cause of it.


While doing a job at a workplace. You must have to improve understanding with your peers. It will not only help in gaining rewards. Even none of your peer will head straight against you.

Good pay hike:

If you are enjoying your work and even the market is paying you good. Then why make job harder. Besides it you can work well in advance. It will help you to maintain your performance. As a result you will get better outcomes.

Pushy peers:

It is good to have ambitions. But in this competitive environment you can get into troubles with it. So it is better to behave in a favorable way with all.

As we are talking about Job and Career Problem. We will now discuss various problems related with career

Too many choices: First in today’s world there are too many choices. People even are not able to decide with what they want to do in actual.

Turning point of career: Now-a-days people are changing jobs much faster than before. It can bring lot of challenges for you. But you must have to choose a career which keeps you stabilized for long term.

Finding a purpose: We must have heard that you must do that work for which you are passionate. As if you love what you do no one can stop you from reaching the top of the world.

Staying current: If you want to sit in your current position. But want to get growth in your career. You must have to remain updated as per your industry concerns. Because by learning something you can achieve the best career growth.

Today everyone wants to get rid of these problems. Because everybody wants to feel satisfied with their job. There are various solutions for it. But if you make use of traditional approach. You not only get rid of the issues in an instant. Besides using it in a proper way will help you to get the desired result. Though for getting them you have to consult Karan Sharma. He is a famous pandit. He also has solutions for all the problems. So when he gets to know about your problems. He will not only guide you reliable solutions for it. Even you will get proper guidance from him at each step of life. It will help you to go through all the challenges without any sufferings.

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