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Love Marriage Specialist

Love Marriage Specialist - Astrologer Karan Sharma Ji support for all grooms for their knowledge of astrology says once the compatibility factor has often made people want to know what kind of husband / wife etc.

Love marriage: Love Marriage Specialist is a marriage arranged by the child and the child through their own choice with a view to customs. The fifth house indicates customs and traditions. Likewise, religious customs are studied from the ninth house. The seventh house is synonymous with dating and marriage. Love marriage means abandoning both the customs and traditions in these letters the fifth house is occupied by strong planets. The strongest planet to build momentum for marriage or love relationships if Saturn followed by rah. In a male chart, if Venus is afflicted by Saturn conjunction or expected by Rahu or a marriage of love indicated.

Thus, on 5, 7 and 9 houses and their lords, they are involved in marriage love. Both gentlemen are in conjunction or tooth fifth, ninth or seventeenth or 11. In some cases, the ninth Lord of lords joins fifth or seventh A simple formula for marriage love is as follows:

  1. The fifth Lord + Lord seventh
  2. The Lord of Fifth Lord ninth +
  3. The Lord of Fifth Lord ninth +

The appearance of the gentlemen above must be angular In a female chart. So mars Id is aspected or joined in your letter with Rahu Saturn aspects are going there, she flirts with a man and has illicit relations. Marriage depends on the willingness of Venus, Rahu, Saturn and the Moon in the male chart.
Needless to say, the combination of the higher planets should be in fifth, seventh 10a (Primary), 11th or 1st home (secondary), otherwise the potential partners may have an opportunity to come together for a long time without any prospect of a successful marriage.
If the above conjunction falls in the sixth, eighth, or houses of 12th, frustration due to one reason or another, can not be ruled out, voluntarily or involuntarily, the lovers have to sacrifice their love life and have to find unknown partners in marriage. Karan Pandit Ji helps the best way to happy married life with his ability to love astrology. Love Marriage Specialist help you solve your love marriage problem.

In the seventh house it relates mainly to marriage, the husband and wife marital bliss. Hence the positions of the seventh lord in different houses with reference to Lagna. Pandit helps to marital problems as legal marriage, but marriages, postponement of marriage, at marriage, marriage, happy married life, married life unhappy Willing or legal marriage: In order to predict a legal marriage, first determine if she is destined to marry or not, what kind of marriage is possible, and when. How is married life? This issue is addressed here and you can see the shape of the horoscope. Love Marriage Specialist is good to solve your love marriage problem and make your life smooth.

Promised marriage

  1. Moon or Venus is fruitful and in the seventh house signs.
  2. Jupiter or Venus occupying second, seventh and 11th house.
  3. Venus or Jupiter co-joined to the Moon in first, fifth, 10th or 11th house.
  4. Moon, Venus and Saturn are not expected and is stronger than Saturn
  5. Lagna and gentlemen 7th house are in third, fifth, 11 home together

No marriage

  1. If any of the three planets Venus, it is expected to Sun and Moon in conjunction with Saturn or, or if any of the three, especially the moon nakshatra is associated with Saturn, there is no possibility of marriage.
  2. When the sun, moon and the 5th lord is in conjunction with Saturn or expected.
  3. If Venus at a distance of 43 degrees or more sun stands weakened and is expected or in conjunction with Saturn, negotiations fall through at the time of the final stage.
  4. If the seventh house is empty and the moon in the case if the woman and the sun if the man is expected to occupy Saturn Scorpio sign, marriage is no doubt.

Delayed marriage

In case of a male, all information about us for the wife of the seventh house, the lord, and Venus. But in the case of women, 7th and 8th and houses of their masters and Mars they are to be analyzed to check on her husband.Sometimes it happens that a marriage promised late in life, today, due to the changing conditions in 30 years, but is actually considered as major planets late marriage responsible for such delays are Saturn Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu. Some combinations are given below.

  • If Saturn is well 1SR, third, fifth, seventh, tenth sign of the Lagna or the Moon and if Saturn has no beneficial houses.
  • A malefic in the seventh house, Saturn, Mars or even in the signal itself delays marriage.
  • If Mars is in the eighth or seventh Rahu in th.
  • If Mars and Venus are combined in fifth, seventh or ninth house, you will not receive evil Jupiter snapped.
  • If the seventh lord is aspected by Jupiter and Saturn.

Time of Marriage

Precdicting the time of love or arranged marriage is a sensitive issue that worries parents. In such cases, the astrologer Pandit Karan Sharma should check yogas conferring marriage, birth and planetary transit conditions, Dasa, bhukti and antaradasa etc. It should take due account of the following items too.

Married Life

A happy married life is a blessing for the native. An unhappy married life has many reasons, broadly speaking, adultery, widowhood, separation, divorce rough temperament either party, disobedient husband or wife, no problems, plural marriage, abnormal relationship demands dowry and bad behaviors of laws, etc. causes an unhappy marriage life. These problems can be analyzed through their astrological horoscope.

Happy married life

The following yoga can be checked these horoscope frim husband and wife.

  1. Jupiter and Venus being the seventh lord and significator or 2nd and 11th houses.
  2. If the seventh house is occupied by his master receives a beneficial aspect of home and seventh lord of any planet or moon Lagna is favorably disposed.

In the two previous cases, we expect married life to be happy natal horoscopes husband and wife intercepted and must be judged in relation to others from 1 and 7 of the house, both of the graphs, You can judge the state, family, health, wealth, education, etc., the husband. You can judge the living life of the spouses. If any of them is governed or aspected by an evil planet, disparities and afflictions continue first and 7th houses ruled favorably and aspected, will result in happy married life.

Unhappy married life

When Saturn, Rahu etc. transit the seventh house, moon, venus STC. Or look of them, for the transit of these, there would be no misunderstandings, fights or unhappy incidents in the family.

Pandit Karan Sharma Ji is the best Pandit in the world he is the Love Marriage Specialist of the world. He is doing his love marriage specialist service in India for a long time. He has so many solutions to entire love problems. He also loves guru whose belief in love marriage. If you are in love and you face so many problems in love marriage then you may contact to him. He knows all the solution of the problems.

He is great in love marriage. In our world, we can see so lovers want to marry with their love and they want to live happily with their desire. But they so many problems in love marriage and so issues in front of them like social issues, family issues, inter-caste issues, and so many issues, which is they face in love marriage.

Many time they get married their parents do not agree for the love marriage. If you face all the problems then you don't worry about your love marriage because here is Pandit Karan Sharma Ji who is love marriage specialist he always ready for your help.

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    I & my husband had been married for the past 5 years & then suddenly, everyday there use to be lot of fights amongst us. Initially they were small arguments, but it grew into big fights. So, on my Mother-in laws suggestion we went to Pt. Karan Sharma. He told me that it will be resolved if I will not be too responsible for everything & let him also take some decisions. He came to this conclusion after he studied my Kundli & matched it with the stars. This simple solution started showing its sign within 2 months time. Now we are very happy together

    - Manisha ( Mumbai )

    I was an arts student & was doing well in my studies but I had a lot of confusion and doubts about my career. So my parents had taken me to Pt Karan Sharma, after going through an advertisement & cross checking with several people. My kundli & palm was examined by him. So after a detailed study & the interaction with my parents, he advised me to apply for government jobs. I sat for UPSC exam & cleared with very high marks, all because of Karan ji

    - Harish kumar ( Delhi )

    I love that he has structured his service where you don't need multiple readings, one reading a year can possibly get you through. This allowed me to relax my skepticism and really listen to the knowledge he offers.

    - Shanel ( USA )

    I enjoy the experience of consulting with astrologers to get a hint of how the future and coming months are going to be. I have tried the Astrologer karan sharma few time for astrology consulting and his predictions seems to working okay for me. Nice experience with him till now.

    - Dipanjan ( kolkata )

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